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Resources for You as a Parent

  • Get to know the Operations Manual! This is a great tool to make sure you and your child are up to date on what they should know while working. They have access to a virtual copy on the Paycom app and a physical copy at their “home” pool.
  • Email or call the office with any questions or concerns you may have!
  • Look over the FAQ down below to see common questions asked about the lifeguarding job!
  • Get the know the supervisor/director for your pool/area. There are 1-2 supervisors per pool and we have 4 area directors within the company!  Depending on your area, have your child reach out to someone if they every have any questions!


What is included in the fee for Lifeguard Certification Class?

Your child will receive a hip pack, whistle and lanyard, resuscitation mask, and uniform shirt. The fee also includes certification fees through StarGuard Elite for CPR for the professional rescuer, Lifeguarding, AED, Oxygen Administration, and Blood Borne Pathogens as well as pool/faculty rental fee, instructor costs.

What is the Operations Manual?

The Operations Manual is the tool that can be used to reference anything your child may need while working. This information is stuff that is required to know while working at your pool. This can be accessed on Paycom or by contacting our office.

What is in-service?

In-service is required practicing of skills and techniques over the information they learned during certification class. There are four (4) hours of in-service to be completed a month. The supervisor of each pool is in charge of scheduling the dates that these occur.

Where is my child working and what are their hours?

Every lifeguard has a “home” pool that they will get the majority of their hours. They have the option to sub in at different pools around the neighborhood/area if they want more hours than they are getting. The supervisor is in charge of the schedule that is released twice a month and in advance. Based on the availability of your child, the supervisor will do their best to create a schedule that fits everyone’s needs (but this is not guaranteed).

How will they eat/drink while at work?

Lifeguards are in charge of bringing their own food/snacks and means of hydration to each shift they work.

What does my child need to do if they are scheduled to work and can’t come in?

We want to make sure that every lifeguard comes to every shift they are scheduled for. If there is a “no show” for a shift, there are serious consequences that come along. Please plan in advance if they are going to miss. They are in charge of finding someone to cover their shift. If there is an very serious emergency going on to miss a shift, please contact their supervisor.