Why are A-Beautiful Pools, Inc.’s lifeguards a step above the rest?

It all starts with the interviewing and hiring process. A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. interviews every single employee that is hired. There are many pool companies that do not interview new applicants nor re-interview the returning guards. This stringent interview process eliminates any miscommunication between employer and employee, and gives A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. a chance to stress the responsibility of becoming a lifeguard. After the interview, the lifeguards are not hired until they pass the comprehensive and challenging lifeguard course. We do not count on our lifeguards passing the course and plan our summer employees only by the lifeguards who have completed and passed their course. We also are not a huge company that hires 800-1000 lifeguards. Each year we are able to be selective when it comes to our employees with small and controlled growth. This eliminates the need to hire “everyone with a heartbeat.”

Not only are our lifeguards trained in AED use, oxygen systems, and manual suction devices, these items are provided for you at your facility. The oxygen system and manual suction device is mandatory equipment for all client facilities. The AED can be purchased from A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. and we can help you find one that is a right fit for your facility.

Our lifeguards are held accountable on a daily basis. A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. is the only pool management company that participates in regular safety audits where the lifeguards can lose their current license for poor performance. Many other pool companies have safety reviews or audits, but do not continue with awards or discipline based on the performance of the audit. If an A-Beautiful Pools, Inc. lifeguard fails the observational or skills portion of an audit, he or she is immediately taken off the lifeguard stand. Meetings and In-services are held before it is determined if that lifeguard should go back to work or have their license revoked.

Our lifeguards are extremely professional. They go through extensive yearly training on Customer Service, Problem Solving, Company Policies, and Management Training. Lifeguards are also taught to pay attention and be diligent on the lifeguard stand, which definitely adds to the professional “look” to your neighborhood pool. One of the ways that this is accomplished is by the 5-minute rule. Lifeguards are required to stand up every 5 minutes while on the lifeguard stand to get their blood flowing and remain in a proactive scan.

Frequent and thorough supervisor visits also help increase the lifeguard attentiveness. Our supervisors never have more than seven pools. Even our veteran supervisors, who have been with us over 10 years, do not have more than seven pools. There is simply not enough time in the day to get all of their rounds complete, and take care of all their problems with more pools than seven. The supervisors visit the pool a minimum of once per day. With only seven pools, you can be assured that the supervisor is taking their time at the facility and not rushing to get to all of their other pools. The Aquatics Directors are also required to go to all of their pools every other day, so on more days than not, your pools will be visited on more than one occasion.