GREATWOOD 1, 2, and 3


Pool parties may be booked by homeowners/renters who are at least 21 years of age and who are in good standing with their neighborhood association.  Parties that will have guests less than 21 years of age must have 1 adult present for every 10 party guests.   

Pool 1

 Three lifeguards for 1-50 guests. One lifeguard for each additional increment of 20 guests.

Pool 2

Two lifeguards for 1-40 guests. One additional lifeguard for each additional increment of 20 guests. 

Pool 3

During hours parties:   Groups up to 30 guests ( a maximum of 15 people can be nonresidents) require the hiring of one additional lifeguard and must be booked 10 days in advance.  See number 7-8 for pricing. Parties larger than 30 guests must be booked after hours.

Private (After Hours Party):   Twelve lifeguards for 1-125 guests, Fourteen lifeguards for 126-200 guests. No parties larger than 200 allowed.

  1.   Pre-payment is required for all fees. Please see #5 for rules concerning pool parties during holiday weekends.
  2. Pool parties may not conflict with neighborhood functions and swim team schedules.
  3. Private pool parties outside pool hours: (resident is responsible for office set up fee and lifeguard costs).  Greatwood HOA also charges a $35.00 Rental fee.  This fee is in addition to the fees charged by ABP.
  4. Private pool parties  may not last past 10:00pm on weekdays and 11:00pm on Friday and Saturday.   Residents may schedule pool parties after 4 PM on the day the pool is closed. 
  5. Pool parties cannot be held during Opening weekend, the weekends of Memorial Day, and Labor Day or on July 4th.
  6. There is a 10-day advance requirement for booking, reserving, and payment for all pool parties.   For party requests with a 5-9 day advanced notice please contact the office directly. Please note that ABP holds the right to deny the request or charge an additional late booking fee of $50.00 for a total of $85.00 nonrefundable office set up fee depending on the availability of the facility and/or lifeguards.
  7. A-Beautiful Pools requires a minimum notice of 5 days to cancel a party (except in the case of bad weather). Insufficient cancellation notice will result in NO REFUND of lifeguard charges. 
  8. There is a $35.00 non-refundable set-up fee in addition to the cost of the lifeguards to be paid at time of booking.  The set-up fee is not a deposit.
  9. Lifeguard fee is $30.00 per lifeguard, per hour.  This is to be paid in full at the time of booking.  There will be NO REFUNDS if resident decides to end party early. There will be an additional 1 hour, for 2 guards charged for each party. This is for prep and   cleaning . Resident will be allowed in the pool area 30 minutes before and after for their own set up/clean up during this hour.
  10. No Alcohol. No glass containers.
  11. Resident is responsible for all clean-up around the pool area after party.
  12. The Office Manager or Supervisor must approve specific lifeguard requests for pool parties.  If changes occur with the guards, the resident will be notified as soon as possible.
  13. Residents must be in good standing with the neighborhood.
  14.  Office Manager & Pool Committee Chair will be notified thru email about the parties.