Instructions for Time Tracker Clock-In System

The Time Tracker Clock-In and Out Procedures are as follows:

Mobile Clock-In and Out:

On your mobile device, go to

  1. Login into your TimeTracker account
  2. Select My TimeCard
  3. Select Mobile Clock-In
  4. Enter your customer ID, service code (900 regualr rate or 901 pool party rate)
  5. Hit Clock-In and allow the site to access your current location…You are now clocked-in

                          Complete the steps above again to clock out through the mobile site

Phone Clock-In and Out:

  1. Call 832-924-8365
  2. Enter your company id#: 2486
  3. Enter your user pin#: (this is your employee pin)
  4. Enter your customer id#: (this is your job pin)
  5. Enter your service code#: (this is your activity code)

If your facility has a land line (except for the office) and you are calling from the landline, you will only need to enter your user pin and service code.
If your facility has a landline and you try and clock-in or out from an unauthorized line it will not allow you to clock-in or out at that facility.