Employment Opportunities

A-Beautiful Pools, Inc On-Line Application


  • Your primary responsibilities consist of the following: prevent accidents, respond quickly to all emergency situations, administer first aid, communicate with other guards, management and residents with a cheerful attitude.
  • You will know and be able to perform at all times: CPR, including oxygen administration for: adults, children, infants, first aid techniques, water rescue techniques.
  • You will remain alert and watchful at all times.
  • You will supervise and maintain the pool facility – pool, deck area, and restroom.
  • You will know the emergency action plans for each facility that you guard.
  • You will know, inform, and enforce all rules and regulations.
  • You will establish and maintain good public relations and provide assistance in a courteous manner at all times.
  • As a representative of A-BEAUTIFUL POOLS, INC., you will conduct yourself in a professional manner at all times. You are expected to take pride in your physical and mental well-being by physical conditioning, eating properly, and refraining from the use of any drugs or alcohol.
  • You may be drug-tested through our random drug-testing of all employee’s program.
  • Maintenance is part of your job. You can expect to be involved in the following jobs: vacuuming, skimming pool to remove debris, cleaning skimmers scrubbing pool walls, etc., grounds work – picking up trash, emptying trash, cleaning restrooms, etc. picking up trash around parking lot – broken glass.
  • You will be expected to show up and participate in all in-service training.  This is a state law.
  • You will purchase the designated uniform and wear while on duty.  Purchases are made online and all requirements are listed.
  • You are expected to know all policies in your Lifeguard Manual at all times.
  • You will be required to start work on Memorial Day weekend or earlier if your pool opens the first weekend in May and work through Labor Day weekend or until the pool officially closes. This time frame also includes Independence Day.
  • Bonuses awarded throughout the year will be given to lifeguards that stay through pool closing.
  • No refunds will be given for lifeguard classes after the first day of class.

The class pricing is listed online for employees.  All students taking the class as an employee will receive their card at the end of the summer.

By clicking on the APPLY NOW button you are agreeing to the Lifeguard Expectations listed above!