Project Parent

Parents - Please use the links below for any questions you might have about Summer 2022!

Application Process and Employment Contract

  • Step 1 – Complete application on website.
  • Step 2 – Interview via Zoom/Facetime with area director.
  • Step 3 – Attend Lifeguard Class.
  • Step 4 –  Complete Paperwork and attend orientation. It must be done in this order.  Your child will not be able to attend class if they have not interviewed. 
  • Dates of Employment Commitment: May 1 – Sept 31st.
  • Lifeguard expectations:
  • They will attend an onsite orientation at their assigned pool in April/May. These are posted here: If they cannot attend they MUST complete this excuse here: They will need to select which make up orientation they will attend, so please look at the list above first.
  • Contract – 2022 Operations Manual. This was provided to your child at lifeguard class, and they sign then. This can be accessed on Paycom.


  • Class registration link:
  • At class they will be tested on pre-requisite skills that include a brick test, laps, and CPR testing on adult and child. They will also be given a written test. We offer testing accommodations that mirror what your child if offered in school. Please do not be afraid to ask. Give us a call in the office and we can go over accommodations for your child.
  • They will be provided continuous training throughout the season via weekly inservice at their pools.


  •  2022 Operations Manual. Available to view on their Paycom Acct. 
  • Authorization of Deductions. In Manual.
  • Minor Consent Form. In Manual.
  • Drug Test Policy. In Manual.
  • LG Expectations:

Time, Attendance & Payroll

  •  Holidays: Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, and Labor Day Weekend are days that all employees are expected to work. 
  • # of hours worked: Your child may work as many hours as they would like. Their supervisor will ask for their availability for each upcoming 2 week period.
  • Clock In: Our lifeguards use  Time Tracker 365 to clock in and out. If the app is not working for any reason , please have them use the “call in” system. This info is posted at the pool , and on pg. 20 of the Employee Manual.
  • Getting More Hours: Every lifeguard has a home pool that they will get the majority of their hours . They have the option to SUB at different pools around their neighborhood/area if they want more hours. They can check postings at the pools around them and reach out to their supervisor. 
  • Payroll Information:  Step 1: Check email. Login information for Paycom will be sent to the employee email within 10 days after completion of class. Step 2: Fax or email direct deposit information to our payroll dept. This is required. Fax: 281–378-7100. Email Payroll directly at

Staff Software and Platforms

  • Twitter:
  • Instagram: @abpools
  • Facebook:
  • TT:
  • Paycom:
  • Group Me Messaging:

Employee Policies

  •  Rules and polices Start on Pg. 6 of the Employee Manual.
  • Fine List on Pg. 8 of the Employee Manual.

Employee FUN & REWARDS

  • June 15. Dive In Movie Night at Southcreek Village- Park Falls.
  • July 4. Decorating Competition
  • July 13th. Dive in Movie Night at Greatwood 3.
  • July 18th. Dive in Movie Night at Pine Mill Ranch.
  • July 25th. Lifeguard Olympics at The Club at Aliana.
  • August 1st. SUMMER PROM. Location TBD.
  • August 6th. Lifeguard Appreciation Day at All Pools. Treats from supervisors all day.
  •  August 7th. Supervisor end of Season Dinner and Celebration at District 249. 6-9pm. 

Chain of Command and Help Solving Problems

  • On Pg. 2 of Employee Manual.

Owner –> Aquatics Directors –> Office Staff/Repair Dept. –> Supervisors –> Asst. Supervisors –> Managers –>Head Guards –> Lifeguards.

If there is a problem at a pool – have your child reach out their Supervisor.


  •  Time Off Forms are sent from the office to your lifeguard every two weeks and are due promptly to avoid being scheduled at a time when they are not able to work!
  •  If a lifeguard does not complete a form we will either schedule them when they are needed and they may need to get subs, or not schedule them resulting in no hours.
  • We will also begin the process of reaching out to parents if we do not get a response!
  • If lifeguards are scheduled when they cannot work (as they have a conflict that comes up after they complete the form) then the lifeguard will be responsible for finding the sub for that shift.