Project Parent

Parents - Please use the links below for any questions you might have about Summer 2024!

Application Process and Employment Contract


  • Class registration link:
  • At class they will be tested on pre-requisite skills that include a brick test, laps, and CPR testing on adult and child. They will also be given a written test. We offer testing accommodations that mirror what your child is offered in school. Please do not be afraid to ask. Give us a call in the office and we can go over accommodations for your child.
  • They will be provided continuous training throughout the season via weekly in-service at their pools. The In-service schedule will be available soon – check back soon.
  • We will keep the lifeguarding certificate on file until the end of summer. The employee was charged a cheaper “employee” price for the lifeguarding class because you were applying for employment with A-Beautiful Pools. We will email the certification to any school/camp entity that is necessary if you provide the information for the entity in writing to If for some reason you would like the card early at any point in the summer, you must pay the “non-employee” rate at the time of the request. The cost is $50.00. At the end of the summer, we will email your card to the employees email address on file.


Time, Attendance & Payroll

  • Holidays: Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, and Labor Day Weekend are days that all employees are expected to work. 
  • Number of hours worked: Your child may work as many hours as they would like. Their supervisor will ask for their availability for each upcoming 2 week period.
  • Clock In: Our lifeguards use  Time Tracker 365 to clock in and out. If the app is not working for any reason , please have them use the “call in” system. This info is posted at the pool , and on pg. 20 of the Employee Manual in Paycom.
  • Getting More Hours: Every lifeguard has a home pool that they will get the majority of their hours . They have the option to SUB at different pools around their neighborhood/area if they want more hours. They can check postings at the pools around them and reach out to their supervisor. 
  • Payroll Information:  Step 1: Check email. Login information for Paycom will be sent to the employee email within 10 days after completion of class. Step 2: Fax or email direct deposit information to our payroll dept. This is required. Fax: 281–378-7100. Email Payroll directly at
    • Paystubs can be found in paycom. There is a mobile app as well.

Staff Software and Platforms

Employee Policies

  •  Rules and polices Start on Pg. 6 of the Employee Manual.
  • Fine List on Pg. 8 of the Employee Manual.

Employee FUN & REWARDS

Check back soon for employee fun and rewards!

Chain Of Command and Help Solving Problems

  • On Pg. 2 of Employee Manual.

Owner –> Aquatics Directors –> Office Staff/Repair Dept. –> Supervisors –> Asst. Supervisors –> Managers –>Head Guards –> Lifeguards.

If there is a problem at a pool – have your child reach out their Supervisor.


  •  Time Off Forms are sent from their Supervisors to your lifeguard every two weeks and are due promptly to avoid being scheduled at a time when they are not able to work!
  •  If a lifeguard does not complete a form we will either schedule them when they are needed and they may need to get subs, or not schedule them resulting in no hours.
  • We will also begin the process of reaching out to parents if we do not get a response!
  • If lifeguards are scheduled when they cannot work (as they have a conflict that comes up after they complete the form) then the lifeguard will be responsible for finding the sub for that shift.